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         New arrivals Spring/Summer '16

Summer Bracelets "Pineapple" code:bpi-10170Summer Bracelets "Pineapple" code:bpi-10170

Summer bracelets "Anchor" code:ban1-10170Summer bracelets "Anchor" code:ban1-10170

Summer bracelets "Starfish" code:bst1-10170Summer bracelets "Starfish" code:bst1-10170

"Wooden Bull" code:kt1-10400"Wooden Bull" code:kt1-10400

 "Summer Loading" bracelet code:bsu1-10250 "Summer Loading" bracelet code:bsu1-10250

"Summer loading" bracelet code:bsu3-10250"Summer loading" bracelet code:bsu3-10250

"Wooden pineapple" necklace code:ka1-10400"Wooden pineapple" necklace code:ka1-10400

"Eye on you" bracelet  code:bma1-10250"Eye on you" bracelet code:bma1-10250

"Eye on you" bracelet code:bma2-10250"Eye on you" bracelet code:bma2-10250

"Men's Fashion" bracelet code:bsua3 -10200"Men's Fashion" bracelet code:bsua3 -10200

"Eye on on you" bracelet"Eye on on you" bracelet

"Men's fashion" bracelet code:bsua2-10250"Men's fashion" bracelet code:bsua2-10250

"Men's Fashion" bracelet code:bsua1-10250"Men's Fashion" bracelet code:bsua1-10250

"Men's Fashion" bracelet code:bsua4-10200"Men's Fashion" bracelet code:bsua4-10200